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After School Martial Arts


We pick up our students from their school and bring them to our dojo for a fun filled afternoon of activities and martial arts!


This Is NOT Your Average After School Program.

Along with play time your child will be also be involved in a positive character development program, learn self defense and earn martial arts belts. All by highly trained Adult Instructors.


Our after school martial arts program teaches your child to:

  • Show courtesy and respect

  • Be a positive role model

  • Excel in school and sports

  • Increase physical endurance

  • Improve mental awareness

  • Exhibit perseverance and pride

  • Set and achieve goals

  • Achieve self mastery

Our Program Includes:

  • After school pickup

  • Homework assistance

  • Martial arts classes

  • Snacks

  • Safe and productive environment

  • Award winning instructors

Your child's grades will improve, their attention span and focus in the classroom will increase and their self esteem and confidence will soar!

You will notice an improvement in all these areas in a few short weeks. The second benefit is the time that our program will create for you and your family. Most families rush home, rush to eat dinner, rush to get their homework done and then rush to get out to their evening activities. 

With our program most of these things are already done by the time you pick them up, thereby creating more quality evening time for you and your family!

Space is limited, please call or click below for more information!

(919) 267-9705

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They make me proud! #vinjosmartialarts #
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